Q. How many photos can I submit?

A. Only one image per participant can enter the Flos&me Photo Contest.

Q. Can I submit my photograph in black and white?

A. Yes, both color and monochrome are accepted.

Q. Is there any fee to enter Flos&me?

A. No, it is free to submit your photo.

Q. Once I sent my image to flos&me@hasselblad.jp, is it possible to ask for some modification if I change my mind?

A. Please understand that once submitted, we cannot accept any correction on your image.

Q. Can the deadline «12th of April 2014» can be extended?

A. No, your image cannot be submitted for any reason after the 12th of April.

Q. Can I shoot with a compact camera?

A. Yes, we will accept any digital data, you can even use your Smartphone.

Q. Can I retouch my photograph?

A. Yes, you are free to play with it : croppping, toning, sharpening, filtering...

Q.What is the size limit of the data file?

A. On your application to flos&me@hasselblad.jp, the maximum entry size is a 5MB jpeg image. Some selected images by our jury will be printed and exhibited at the Hasselblad gallery, we may ask you to provide us a bigger file for printing.

Q. Can I send my image with a different compression (tiff, zip, png …)?

A. We can only accept JPEG for entries.

Q. How can I know if my image is selected or if I won?

A. The winners will be personnally informed once the jury has offically decided.

Q. Any tips to help me win or convince the jury?

A. Sorry, we don’t disclose or interfere with the jury decision.

Q. Can I submit a photo that was used for another purpose?

A. Your photograph must be shot especially for Flos&me, if your image has been previously seen or used for another contest it will be disqualified automaticallly.

Q. If I receive a winner notification, will I be paid to attend the award ceremony in Tokyo?

A. No, we are sorry your transportation or hotel cost cannot be expected to be paid.

Q. Can I submit my Flos@me image via post?

A. No, please only send it via email to: flos&me@hasselblad.jp. Don't forget to add your personal details and caption.

Q. Will the product prizes be sent to the winners?

A. First, the sponsors of Flos&me will contact you directly by phone. The actual product prize will be shipped to you to your convinience. Please be aware that it could be delayed depending on several circumstances (stock or mail schedule..)

Q. Where can I buy FLOS lamp?

A. Please refer to the WHERE TO BUY of this website.